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Engraving machine maintenance

Engraving machine maintenance


1. Timely replace

the cooling water, to prevent excessive

temperature. On the winter, if the working

environment temperature is too low to the water

tank,it can be changed into the antifreeze.

2. every time after the machine is used, pay

attention to cleaning, clean the dust that on the

platform and drive system ( X, Y, Z three shaft

lubrication ). ( Note: X, Y, Z three axle use oil

maintenance; ball screw with high speed; the

winter, if the workinbg temperature is too low,

screw, light bar (square or circular guide rail )

should be first used gasoline to wash clean, then

add oil, otherwise it will cause the machine

transmission parts resistance and lead to

excessive machine misplacement. )

3. When doing the maintenance, power must be cut

off. Only after the monitor display and a main

loop power supply indicator lamp is extinguished,

can it be done.

Engraving machine parameter modifications (

Weihong system ): parameter modification, ( enter

password: NCSTUDIO click " OK" )

Working table stroke: ( according to the model of

the machine .)

System parameters: in default on the basis of the

first four are selected.

Motor parameters: if the lead is 10 0.0062If the

lead is 5 0.003125

Jump frequency: 300

The Z axis of maximum speed: 1000

Single axis accelerometer :400Curve acceleration: