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CNC Router disorderly engrave phenomenon

CNC Router disorderly engrave phenomenon

Some times customer would ask this question: why my CNC Router engrave disorderly? This problem can be analyzed from the following aspects.

1.  First check the format of the engraving path you did if is right: Wentai save to be *.nc format, AC save to be *.mmg format.

2.  If the path format is right then check the images or words that need to engrave if are damaged, if already be damaged must need timely correction.

3.  If the first two no problem, then need to consider the NC Studio software or DSP system if is destroyed by virus. The best way is uninstall the NC Studio software then to reinstall. If the machine is DSP system, need to format the DSP data. Then re-adjust the parameters inside of DSP according to the instruction.

4.  Check if there add new electric equipment near the CNC Router, this problem maybe caused by mutual interference when added new electric equipment..

5.  Check the data cable that connecting the machine and the computer if is plugged in well.

6.  Check the machine’s ground wire if is connect well.