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How to select CNC router?

                                          How to select CNC router?

1.Choose Table Size

The users should choose the models and power as per

own working demand and capital.  Gennerally, Mini

SizeCNC router table size is 600*900mm  . The basic

application of mini table size cnc router is to

engrave double-color board. More smaller models

prices are similiar with it .

More bigger size models have: 1200*1200mm,

1300*2500mm, 1500*2500mm 2000*3000mm and atc. Now the

Acrylic and PVC sheet on offer are 1300*2400mm, so

above modelsare available for them .

2.Choose spindles

Spindles are the important parts of the CNC router,

their performances play a key role in overall machine

, the spindles are divided into two kinds. One is

precision processing spindles, another one is high 

power cutting spindles.

a.Features of precision spindles are of  lower noise,

higher rotation speed,  They are applyed for

processing precision workpieces, such as  Seal

nameplates. Breastplate  and etc, the spindles are of

higher speed frequency one, power is  less than 250w

. So They cannot cut  off the thick workpieces,

b.High power cutting spindles are mainly for cutting

off, deep engraving. The features are of super power,

specially for cut out texts and 3D texts , surely

they can make the small nameplates and atc.

3.Choose machine controller and speed .

A、 All operations must be completed by PC, The pc

must be under working conditions when machines work,

then the PC cannot operate others works .

B. MCU control , this controller can save computer

from single work,  The PC can make designs when

machine works.

C、USB tranfer, after save the data into the DSP

panel , the PC can close and make other works, this

improve working efficiency of cnc routers.


Big size CNC routers must adopt imported  widen

square rails , The bearing and precison are 30times

than round rails.


The small size routers engrave 1 mm, or big size

routers engrave 1.5 mm texts, they must be clear  by

magnifying glass.